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Marijuana Advertising

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Marijuana Advertising


The road to advertising in the Cannabis niche is getting much harder for those companies looking to expand their traffic via brand and organic search.  Not sure if it will always be this way but for the time being the digital platforms and social media companies are not offering a level playing field.

Most of the digital marketing today is done via Facebook ads and Google pay per click.  Both platforms have clamped down hard on Cannabis marketing which leaves the choices relatively slim.  Sure these firms can still go ahead with old-school options such as billboards and print ads, but the real action is online.

That leaves only one option for those looking to make their mark and drive new business to dispensaries that are both online and brick and mortar operations.  Search engine optimization or SEO is truly the best platform for online expansion if not flat out domination.

It is astonishing how much organic traffic there is amongst thousands of valuable keywords.  Search volume shows how the market is tipping towards legalization of recreational weed.  The traffic exists, and the bulk of that is going to a few companies that are doing a great job with SEO.  Their organic traffic and conversions are growing at an astonishing rate.

The marijuana niche for purchasing products either online or in a store is tailor-made for SEO.  The industry itself is growing at an amazing pace, and people are looking for it online.  This is a product type that purchasers may not be asking friends about or looking at reviews.  They want the products but at the same time are looking for some privacy.  Search marketing makes this a perfect match as the searcher puts the term in Google and have a fantastic choice of options.

Many of the online dispensaries offer amazing product choices, and this helps to strengthen the domain due to the amount of time the searcher spends on the site.  This very low “bounce rate” makes the domain in the eye of Google, much more of an expert in the niche.

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